The Difference Between the Training Center and the Resource Center

Erick Simpson -


                                                                                                  IT Business Builder Training Center

The IT Business Builder Training Center is designed to deliver structured training organized into Courses and Classes. Classes contain various tasks to complete, including videos, downloads and tests. Enrolling in a Coursewill also enroll a participantin its member Classes. 

As a participant watches videos, completes tasks and takes tests within enrolled classes, their progress will be displayed and will roll up to parent Courses. When a participant reaches 100% Class completion, they can move on to the next module, until all modules for which they are enrolled in have been completed. Individual progress can be viewed in the dark gray My Courses, My Classes and My Tasks tabs.All progress for all participants can be viewed in the My Company tab.
                                                                                                 IT Business Builder Resource Center
The IT Business Builder Resource Center is designed to offer searchable videos and downloadable resources such as marketing collateral, forms, calculators, agreements, checklists and a variety of other tools in an ad-hoc, unstructured fashion. The Resource Center is where you will go to search for and find specific items quickly and easily, and will not measure or report on your progress or activity. It's a great place to go to augment the structured training you receive in the Training Center, and contains thousands of searchable resources.
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