Motivating Your Staff To Train

Erick Simpson -


While your IT Business Builder subscription provides you access to the largest library of business improvement training and resources available anywhere for your IT practice; with thousands of Videos and downloadable forms, tools and collateral, it simply is not enough to adopt these best in class processes and procedures into your practice.

In order to truly benefit from them, you must ensure your entire staff is enrolled in the Training Center and are participating in Courses and Classes that focus on their specific job roles, duties and responsibilities. But how do you motivate and incent them to do so?

The My Company tab in the Training Center provides real-time reporting of your team's training progress and is the tool to measure their performance and create incentive and rewards programs for their successful completion of training. And since everyone's progress is displayed for everyone else to see, it is a powerful motivational tool to help you achieve your staff training goals.

Getting your entire team enrolled in the Training Center and assigning them specific training curriculum will help you improve lead generation outcomes, accelerate sales velocity and shorten sales cycles, increase service delivery efficiencies, margins, customer satisfaction and much, much more.

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