Filtering Training Progress

Erick Simpson -


You can granularly filter training progress by Courses, Classes and Tasks in the Training Center. This is helpful when you have a large number of staff assigned to the same curriculum and wish to filter your reporting view by Courses, Classes or Tasks. In fact, once you select the My Company tab and your high-level Overview, Courses, Classes or Tasks filter in the dark gray toolbar, you can filter your view even further by any of the following data:

  1. Progress
  2. Enrolled Date
  3. Last Activity
  4. Name
  5. Course Name (must have Courses selected in gray toolbar)
  6. Class Name (must have Classes selected in gray toolbar)
  7. Task Name

In order to filter your results in this manner, simply use the Filter Results box at the top right of the page and enter your criteria as ColumnName:SearchTerm, where ColumName is the name of any column on the page. For instance, if you want to filter results for the Class DISC Behavioral Profile Overview, you would select Classes in the dark gray toolbar, then enter Class:DISC Behavioral Profile Overview in the Filter Results box, then select Filter. You can also select Display Only Me for your own individual results.

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