Navigating The Resource Center

Erick Simpson -


In order to access the Resource Center, simply log in to your IT Business Builder account and select the Resources link in the top toolbar.


The Resource Center is designed to offer searchable videos and downloadable resources such as marketing collateral, forms, calculators, agreements, checklists and a variety of other tools in an ad-hoc, unstructured fashion. The Resource Center is where you will go to search for and find specific items quickly and easily, and will not measure or report on your progress or activity. It's a great place to go to augment the structured training you receive in the Training Center, and contains thousands of searchable resources.


In the Resource Center you will find a series of tabs under our logo titled Dashboard, Marketing, Sales, Service Delivery, Operations and Boot Camp. These lead to areas where you and your team can browse for specific resources listed in these broad categories. The Boot Camp tab includes Video recordings of our live US and UK Boot Camp sessions.


You can also find items quickly by entering your search term in the search box on any tab, and our powerful search function is the absolute fastest way to find things in the Resource Center

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