Navigating The Training Center

Erick Simpson -


When you log in to your IT Business Builder account, at the very top of every page you will find a dark gray toolbar with links to the following areas:

  1. The Home page
  2. The Store
  3. The Training Center
  4. The Resource Center
  5. My Account
  6. Logout
  7. Support

Clicking the links in this top toolbar will direct you to their respective areas within the IT Business Builder site, providing you and your team easy access to the training, resources, support and additional products and services we offer to help you achieve your business improvement goals.

When you select the Training Center link, you will find a series of tabs under our logo titled Dashboard, Courses, Classes, My Company and Help. The Courses and Classes tabs lead to areas where you and your team will browse for and enroll in specific structured training curriculum. The My Company tab provide you and your team a view of everyone's progress through the Training Center curriculum they have enrolled in, and the Help tab contains support information and the ability to open a ticket for any issues you need help with.

Underneath these main tabs you will find a dark gray toolbar with links to Recent Activity, My Courses, My Classes and My Tasks, which display a personalized view of the curriculum enrolled in by the logged-in user, providing a quick and easy way to manage and complete training curriculum after it has been enrolled in.

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